3 February 2009

Sadly, I'll soon have to end this blog (though, maybe I'll start another.) Bob's job was made redundant here and we'll be heading back to the good ol' USA at the end of February. Don't know where we'll end up permanently, but it doesn't seem likely to be NC. Will keep you posted.

We're looking forward to seeing family and friends when we get back, but are sad to leave the wonderful people we've met here. Its been a precious time because of them.

We're going to see the Great Barrier Reef and also take a short trip to Sydney in the next couple of weeks, so maybe I'll have a few more images and notes to post before we go.

Re: my health -- the doctor has taken away my crutches and my back brace - assuring me that all my bones have healed - and I'm limping along on my own now. Exercise will be the best aid for my continued recovery so I need to be diligent with that. Am enjoying hydrotherapy twice a week and feeling its benefits as well.

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Joe McKay said...

Bob & Betty- It was great to get your Christmas letter. I sure hope your trials lighten up but I am happy to see that you are so positive and sunny through it all. Your grandkids are beautiful and I hope you can enjoy more when you mave back to the states. I hope the Lord has many blessing in store for you as you move through this challenging earth-school. I know we are working hard towards an eternal progression. Please send me an email so we can begin to bring you up to date. We are in Denver and I work in fundraising at the University of Denver. We are reasonably happy but have our hands full with a few trials of our own. Keep smiling old friends.

Love and best regards, Joe and Liz McKay
email: pgjd1@yahoo.com