Wednesday, 21 January 2009

By popular demand - I'm giving you a few more Aussie terms.
You may have heard some of these before - especially if you watch any British TV - but in Australia, you don't check the boxes on a form, you tick them. And, you don't say, "good for you" when someone has done well or had good fortune. You say, "good on you."

If you decide to eat out here it's good to know that at Wendy's you won't find any hamburger. Instead, it's a chain of ice cream stores. And, if you go to a food court and order a kabob you won't get meat on a skewer. Instead you'll get shaved meat served with a flat Turkish bread (kind of like naan or pita). You may also want to know that if you want an ice cream soda (like a root beer float, except they don't have root beer here) you ask for a spider.

And, last but not least there are several Lowe's stores here - but they are neither hardware nor grocery stores. They sell discount children's clothing.


Heather McKeon said...

I love that ice cream soda is called spider! That's my favorite. So when we come visit we will go to Wendys and order a spider.

Heather said...

How intriguing! Very fun and enlightening post thanks. Good on ya! lol.